Best Shocks for Towing

Best Shocks for Towing

While towing a travel trailer, even on good pavement, towing a vehicle is usually subject to some impacts. Unless the RV owner is prepared before departure, these impacts can cause great discomfort during towing operations.

To minimize the effects of shocks, today’s RVers take a variety of measures, but few are as impactful as shocks. As a key component of the suspension system, shock absorbers absorb shocks to the vehicle while driving to improve ride quality, handling characteristics and more.

As a result, towing operations run smoothly in most cases under high-quality shocks. By ensuring that your truck has the best shock absorbers for towing travel trailers, you can haul your rig from one place to another with relative ease.

1.Monroe Max-Air

Air shocks are a certified towing classic. They are durable, easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and do an excellent job of balancing the load. When it comes to air shocks, Monroe is a trusted brand with decades of experience and is widely available at local auto parts stores and on the Internet.

The beauty of these Max-Air air shocks is that they can be manually adjusted or integrated to work with the factory compressor system. Pump it all the way up to 150 PSI 1,200 lbs. like Joe Budden did. Load equalization capability or air drop for a super comfortable ride. Granted, most portable 12-volt air compressors struggle to put out 150 PSI, but a gas station pump is enough to get everything working.

The downside? Well, other than the quarter you’ll use to pump up the damper, the Max-Airs are not covered by Monroe’s limited lifetime warranty. However, their standard two-year warranty is pretty fair for the air shock market, with overall pricing in the $100 range. That’s a lot of features for a fairly small outlay.

2.RANCHO RS9000XL RS999286

RVers have the flexibility to adjust the Rancho RS9000XL’s (RS999286) nine-position damping adjustment knob to control the amount of shock absorbed on and off the road. It’s also important to note the decreasing amount of compressed nitrogen remaining. As a result, the damper will stabilize traction on the vehicle for a considerable period of time. It also has a fluorine band piston filled with graphite to reduce friction. This is useful for operations that involve pulling things out.

The RS9000XL (RS999286) features a nitride-carbide piston rod that has excellent corrosion resistance and operates perfectly even in wet conditions. In addition, this shock absorber is amazingly temperature resistant; it will continue to work as long as the temperature is between -40 and 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, we have to deal with temperature fluctuations for the testers to have a positive view of this shock. Finally, the self-lubricating seals of this shock absorber make maintenance a breeze.

Rancho shock absorbers are more expensive than the industry standard. However, if quality is all you care about and you have money to burn, you won’t regret buying this shock.

3.Gabriel 49235 Hijacker

Say goodbye to your worries! With the Gabriel 49235 Hijacker Shock Traction System, you can finally live worry-free. This revolutionary new device improves the quality of your life so you can focus on what’s important. With just a touch of a button, this product automatically activates and creates an electric field around it.

4.Monroe Shocks & Struts 58654 Shock Absorber

If you occasionally tow with your Chevrolet 1500, you can choose this shock absorber from Monroe. This rear shock is designed to help you carry loads at any time of the year. From comfortable towing to riding consistency – it ensures everything. Simply choose the right one and install it.

It comes with a sturdy piston, chamber and coil spring for extended use. Inside the chamber, it uses an all-season fluid that ensures similar performance all year round. The piston has PTFE tape to reduce friction and improve response. To reduce vibration fade and aeration, it is equipped with a separate nitrogen chamber. As a result, it can support you for long hours of towing.

For long-lasting and smooth performance, it is equipped with a self-lubricating fluid seal. It effectively keeps the fluid inside for longer damping life.

You will find that it can be adjusted for specific uses and models. So, you don’t have to worry too much about adjustments or anything like that. Just select and install it. For consistent and reliable performance in terms of weight bearing, you won’t find many alternatives.


When you tow a travel trailer, you must make sure that your vehicle has properly functioning shocks. When you tow a travel trailer with heavy-duty shocks, you will maintain weight balance and prevent any damage caused by potholes or other surfaces you may not want to drive on. The best heavy-duty shocks for towing make towing safer and improve the handling of your vehicle by providing comfort and preventing damage to other components.

When you buy new shocks, you need to make sure they are of the highest quality because if they wear out, you could damage your car, which could cost more to repair than the initial investment in new shocks.

It’s hard to know which shocks are worth buying and which ones are just a waste of money because there are so many towing shocks to choose from. Towing poor quality shocks that are both cheap and useless can leave you feeling uneasy and regretting having spent the money on them. But how do you determine which suspension is right for towing? We’ve put together this comprehensive search guide to make sure you buy the best heavy-duty towing shocks.

Our review is based on research and testing of many similar products. In order to make the best decision regarding the best traction suspension, it’s important to know a few things before you shop. This is the best place for you because we will show you how to choose the right one for you.