Fox Racing offers many different shock options for your vehicle, and if your truck is stock height without a lift kit, almost all series have OEM factory replacement options. The same series is also available for crane trucks, SUVs or Jeeps. All Fox shocks are designed to be rebuildable, rechargeable (nitrous) and retuned in case you really want to ride on the suspension.

Here is a summary of each series, how they differ from each other, and what it means for your vehicle.

1.Fox 2.0 Performance Coilovers & Shocks Set

Great value

Excellent ride on and off road

High quality finish

Vehicle-specific valving


Annoying spring preload adjustment design

No rebound or compression adjustments

The 2.0 coilover is Fox’s entry-level suspension option. Not everyone can justify spending the money on a fully adjustable, large, remote tank shock. Fox’s 2.0 series seems to fit well in between the big boy systems and makes it simple to upgrade your shocks (while keeping your stock springs).

The price on these is pretty good considering what you get. They are a few hundred more than the Toytec/Bilstein kit and a few hundred less than any comparable product from other companies like Icon, King, or even Fox themselves.

A nice touch is that these are aluminum rather than steel. This helps them dissipate heat better and prevents rusting. This is a very nice feature for us Canadians. I believe it is still important to keep them clean as aluminum will still oxidize and corrode over time.

2.Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over + Rear 2.0

Great value

Durable, clear anodized surface finish

Adjustable locking preload ring makes ride height leveling and precise coil preload easy


Some accessories need to be purchased separately

FOX’s 2.0 Performance Series Coil-Over IFP (Internal Floating Piston) shock absorbers feature a precision metal impact extruded 6061-T6 aluminum body for improved cooling and rust resistance. The vehicle-specific upper mount includes a composite bushing to isolate noise and vibration. Featuring a race-developed, high-flow piston design that can be fixed without modification, these shocks are designed to level the truck from front to rear, providing comfortable on-road driving and predictable off-road handling conditions even in the toughest conditions.

Its locking spring preload ring allows for easy adjustment of ride height and preload, and is selected to provide optimum spring stiffness. The application can be used to reuse stock and lift trucks for stock shock. In addition, FOX’s IFP separates the shock oil from the high-pressure nitrogen-filled gas chamber. This eliminates oil and gas aeration for optimal performance of factory-tuned precision valves.

3.Fox Shocks 883-02-132 Rear Coilover Shock Absorbers

2.5" Smooth Bore Zinc Plated Seamless Steel Body

Direct-Fit Replacement

Provides Improved Damping

Excellent Performance For All Terrain


The price is a bit high

Enhance your vehicle’s suspension with the Fox 883-02-132 2.5 Factory Race Series Coil-Over Reservoir Shock (Pr). Built as a bolt-on replacement, the Factory Race Series gives you better damping in any type of terrain. Designed to take the abuse of the fastest racers, the 2.5 Coil-Over Reservoir Shocks give you the performance and control you can feel.

4.Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Shock Set

Clear-anodized plating for a long-lasting finish

Specially formulated oil for ultimate performance at variable temperatures

Redundant sealing pack system, main seal, wiper seal and scraper seal


No disadvantages

For decades, Fox Shocks has been leading the industry with their race-driven shocks. Their flagship Reservoir Shock 2.0 Performance Series offers the performance and reliability you want in an affordable, hassle-free, bolt-on package.

The 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir shock features a clear anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body that dissipates heat faster than steel body shocks. Paired with an external reservoir that allows for increased oil and nitrogen capacity. The Fox 2.0 also offers an optional CD regulator that provides up to 8 levels of compression adjustment.

Fox 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir shocks provide predictable ride quality to handle the roughest roads and off-road conditions.

Buying Guide


When Bob Fox began prototyping motocross suspensions in a friend’s garage in the mid-1970s, we doubt he realized the major impact he would have on suspension technology in the decades to come. But now Fox stands firmly on the podium of every sport it represents, a true suspension monolith that delivers breakthrough performance for riders on the track.

Their outstanding mountain bike shock forks are known for their industry leading technology. It seems that every year, they brighten up the industry with something new and innovative. Most recently, it was their excellent and improved GRIP2 dampers, as well as several innovations that improve suspension feel and consistency. No matter your off-road discipline, Fox has you covered. It’s no surprise that they are known as one of the premier suspension companies in the industry.

The “Factory” says it all. The best technology Fox has to offer is available in its Factory line of models, featuring the butter-smooth and ultra-durable Genuine Kashima jacket. These products are World Cup proven. You’ll find the latest Grip2 dampers paired with Factory forks for maximum adjustability.

Performance Elite

The Performance Elite fork retains the same tuning, features, dampers, weight and 7000 series aluminum top tube as the Factory series, but features black anodized struts instead of the Genuine Kashima Coat; a fantastic choice for those who like a refined look or want to save a few dollars.


The Performance Series fork retains the same black anodized 7000 series aluminum top tube as the Performance Elite, except with a GRIP shock making it the most affordable option in the Fox series, but lacking some of the high-end fancy features.

KASHIMA VS Black Anodized Struts

Aside from looks, there is one key aspect that sets Kashima apart from its black anodized counterpart; durability. Both finishes have nearly identical rubbing properties (a slight nod to Kashima) that most riders would have a hard time noticing. So, why do you want Kashima? It’s all in its durability. Kashima offers the same low friction feel, lasts longer and has less wear on the strut surface. This means less maintenance and a longer lasting feel.



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